Oh, hello.


What you say, matters—but how you say it matters more. I’ll craft concise copy, articulate your mission and messages, mend any broken prose, or wonky wording. I’ll write captivating grants, professional press releases, and everything else in between. As a copywriter and editor with a decade of experience, I see what other’s don’t, like that superfluous comma in the first sentence.

I know the difference between compliment and complement, I know that technically antiaging is one word (even if spellcheck disagrees). I know sections of Chicago Manual of Style by memory, the opening passage to Beowulf in Old English, and I know what present perfect tense is so you don’t have to.


I believe in the power of words, the seductive quality of lilting language, but I also know that sometimes stories need a little added impact. So, I’ll liven up your language with a few custom creations: a bespoke brand package that includes logos, letterheads, print collateral, merchandise and more.


So you have a brilliant mission, a message you can stand behind, marketing and merchandise that is compelling and creative—but where does it go? A brand identity is all well and good, but eventually you have to find a way to put it in front of folks.

I can help you build a strategic plan for your marketing and communications. Whether you’re building a social media empire, a door-to-door campaign, a grassroots movement, or a devoted membership, I can help you build the strategic scaffolding for developing your audience.


A good company is always evolving, and what we’ve built together so far, well it’s pretty darn good, but by tomorrow we can do better.

We have the copy, the snazzy design, the strategic plan, we know where we want to go, but there’s a lot left to execute. As a director of operations, I can help you stay consistent in your messaging, help you bring your strategic plan to reality, manage deliverables, build custom packages, and keep your content fresh.