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The Denver Park Trust

Denver Park Trust

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner of Denver Parks and Recreation, and our mission is simple: to help provide historically underserved neighborhoods with quality parks, both through fundraising for land acquisition and capital projects. We work closely with Denver Parks and Recreation and community leaders to improve neighborhood parks in a meaningful, and relevant way. Studies have shown that green spaces—gardens, parks, tree-lined streets—not only contribute to the well-being of our environment, but also to the well-being of the communities, and individuals who surround them. At the Denver Park Trust we believe that every resident, in every neighborhood, deserves to be within walking distance of a high quality park.

I built, designed and wrote the entire Denver Park Trust website. For examples of grant writing, editing, or additional writing samples please email me (email address can be found on the about page).

Chop | UX Writing | Copywriting

chop 1

Be a regular, everywhere: With Chop your nearby spots will remember your name, your dietary preferences, and even your usual orders. Navigate nearby spots like you would your favorite websites—with the tap of a button, and a swipe right. Whether you’re ordering ahead or walking in, you can enjoy great food and great service at lickety-split speeds.

ThrivePass | Copywriting


In health and life there are few absolutes. Diets can be changed, medicines adjusted, you can drink more water, or less, cut out carbs or cut out sugar. But when it comes to sleep and exercise, there’s little leeway. You need both. So how do you decide if you should sacrifice a little sleep for a morning run, or press the snooze for some extra rest?

Wishlist | Copywriter | UX Writer | SEO


Escape to small towns, and bustling cities. Travel winding roads through slanted mountains, sleep beneath starlight, and wake to sun-streaked skies. Let adventure guide you to new places, and new memories. Rest fireside in cozy inns, or beneath the glow of city lights in five-star resorts.

Wishlist Escapes pair some of our favorite adventures with our top-rated retreats. With the purchase of this Wishlist, recipients can select any getaway and their preferred dates. We’ll take care of the rest!

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Airbus | Copywriting

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 6.49.28 PM

What if we rethought airplane interiors to create a new kind of experience? Turning each flight into a personalized journey. What if flight could be redefined? A freighter aircraft reimagined from tail to nose. A system of modules that can be effortlessly interchanged. Built from the ground up, modules are blank canvasses meant to be modified. Crafted for passenger safety, comfort, and personalization. A new in-flight experience, accessible to all. Modules are lifted, loaded, and latched into place. Seamless cabin customization on every flight. From shopping to sleeping, dining to playing — aircraft composed for the future of flight. Transpose.

View video here.

One Studio | Copywriting | Editing

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Salvador Dalí had The Surrealist Group, Picasso the Café Quatre Gats. For centuries artists have sought other artists, searched for enthusiasts, purveyors, and patrons to challenge their work, and expand their creativity.

By opening our platform to all artists, we encourage creative cross-pollination and a shift away from self-promotion.

We have a spectrum of talents on our platform from art world superstars including a Guggenheim fellow, to young emerging artists starting out with fresh perspectives. They can engage in frank artistic conversations without worrying about social status.

Zestful | Copywriting | UX Writing

zestful bay area

If you read the title as bookkeeping class you’re going to bee surprised.

Ah the bee. Small, fuzzy, yellow. Tenacious little buggers. This course will lead you and your coworkers through the exciting world of bees. You’ll learn the fundamentals of caring for a working hive, the production of honey and pollen, and even learn how to create the 1960s classic hairdo: the beehive.

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