A bit about me…

A fifth-generation Coloradan, I’ve written and lived every variation of the expression: the mountains are calling and I must go. I love being outside, sitting beneath a teetering tree, or feet dipped in an alpine river. I like hiking, and skiing, and fly fishing, though I’m mostly bad at that last one. I read voraciously, write little ditties, essays, articles, or tidbits of fiction when I’m feeling inspired.

For the relevant bits: I have two undergraduate degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder, one in English Lit (no surprise), and one in Art History (some surprise). I spent three years working on a third degree in Studio Art, but never could master the art of charcoal shading so left that to the true virtuosos. I have a certificate in publishing from the University of Denver, and a degree in editing from U.C. Berkeley. I have a small internet following on my instagram @ clumsy . words, which I am afraid to write out here, as many a folks from the internet have found my personal portfolio, and that part is not ideal.

I am proficient in most of the Adobe Suite, including the big three: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. I have a background in photography, a significant showing of copywriting and editing, and a near-perfect batting average for grant writing. My specialty is designing brand packages and roll-out strategies for businesses, organizations, or nonprofits still in their nascent stages.

For more information, details about my rates, references, and availability, or a deeper look at my portfolio please contact me at clumsy words studio @ gmail . com (no spaces of course).

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